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Eleanor Gregoire Marries Andrew Tobin in 1939

 Eleanor Gregoire and Andrew J. Tobin were married on Feb.18, 1939.

Eleanor Gregoire and Andrew J. Tobin on their 
wedding day, Feb.18 1939.

Eleanor Gregoire and Andrew J. Tobin with their wedding party, Feb.18 1939.
L-R:  Unknown, Helene Vannier (Hangarter) ?, Andrew, Eleanor, Margo Gregoire
(Burke), John J. Murphy, Jean Bonardi (Jablenick), and Maurice J. Gregoire.
I think that Helene Vannier, later Hangarter, was in the wedding party.  Mom may have asked her originally, or she may have been the stand-in for Mom's best friend (and Helene's sister), Jean Vannier who had joined the convent just about the time Mom and Dad became engaged - 1937, I think.  Mom told me that she was crushed when Jean told her she was going to become a nun.  Margo was the Maid of Honor.  John Jerome Murphy, Best Man, was Dad's half-brother, but I believe that they were more like "blood brothers."  I know that Dad looked up to him and was very fond of him.  Jean Bondardi, later Jablenick, was Eleanor's first cousin - Jean was the daughter of Lillian Soldati Gregoire's sister Matilda Soldati Bonardi.  
Marriage Certificate from St. Mary's church for
Andrew and Eleanor Tobin.  From the collection of
Michael J. Tobin.

Andrew and Eleanor were married at St. Mary's Church on White Plains Ave., in the Bronx.  Eleanor's mother Lillian made the beautiful satin gown with the spreading train.

And thus began another branch on the family tree.

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